Tuesday, March 17, 2009


msnahs04's bleed it out!!!! YEAHHH!!!


dis unique date lyke whee~~!!! I woke up in de ‘AFTERNOON’..just like bfour..(holidays…no wonder la). My sista..eca aka. Ecot..got her spm slip result..i waited for 6 hours just 2 get to noe her result…ALHAMDULILLAH..she got 7 A’s…but as usual..my MOM didn’t satisfied wif de result…ofcoz la she wanted her to scores oll her sabject...but that hurt us so much..duhhh!!!!hmmm… my result was not g0od en0ugh f0r her t0o..but, I have faith in Allah..He has planned and He is the Best planner..i just thankful 4 what Allah have given 2 me..just have faith to him and depend on Him the most, then He will help us..If He is willing…Insyaallah…
2 oll s2denz of SAMURA whom just got their spm result wif flying colours CONGRATULATIONZ!!!! All da besh 2 ya’ll…whee~~

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