Tuesday, April 07, 2009

scenarios in bio lab 1...

its too much of fun making experiments, laughing, screaming, jumping and gaggling with them.mwahaha.

miza aka. our head, yani our brain thinker, iwa the follower of miza, yana keep thinking, and me the ecstatics one.hehe.

*p/s: nt kite wat experiment same2 lg ea...hehe

sleepy tuesday's morning...(0_o)

msnahs04's tuesday's monin'..
it was truly quiet..until...ding3!!!
attention 2 all the studens in mahallah bla3..bla3...
it srtruck my head with such announcement.huehh~so, i hav to wake up my self and pretending there was nothing interrupting my sleep.i couldn't sleep enough last nite.well, it turned up 2 be blackout only at block A!!!!huhh.how could it be lyke that?!sleeping accompanied by lots and lots of mosquitosz!!!plus the hotnessity of the room..huhhh.what a terrible experince.i barely can sleep,i can only sleep when the watch struck 4a.m!!!!huhuuu.but its okay, since i woke up 11a.m in the morning.mwahahaha.payback tyme ofcose.hehe.ogeyh,thats all for now.dadaaa...salam.