Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1st week!!!!

msnahs04's 1st week on shortsem...

was totally damn borink..DUSHHHH3X!!!!nothin much to do, nothin much to say.just LEPAKKING + SLEEPING + WATCHING KOREAN DRAMAS + EAT3X!!!!haha.most relaxing week eva.no class frum monday to thursday.huhuhuhuuueehhh.way too bored 4 me.but i had a new rumate; diana.nice warm girl frum rawang.

-new room 125A.
-syira's room 119C.
-baju kurung i brought = 2 pairs
-t shirt i brought = 2 pairs
-pijama = 2pairs
-shoes = 2pairs
*but most important!!!! = NO FOOD!!!!huuuu...

so, i had to buy evrythg tht i wanna eat..eat3x + spend3x = no money...
but smtg interesting happen.uia start its own wireless!!!YEAY!!!!!i think thats for now..dadaa...salam everyone..