Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ke "tensi" an....

salam lebaran sumer..

hmmm...rayer tahun ni bih kwang je cam raye tawn lepas..just,ade few things yang bit different..ptis rayer becoming even less!!huhu..less makan2...less jalan2...more fenin2...haiiyoohh..manyak tensi!!it shud be lyke dis coz tha exam thinging engulfing my life now..uurgghhh..lemas!..nak xnak,kne jgak mode jela skg ni...hmmm...pape pun just nak wish all the best kat korang sumer yang bakal mghadapi exam xkire la anda dmna2 pun...exam is turning,kne wat yang terbaek punyer!!slamat maju jaya..hehe~

-cik suha comell-

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

an ugly duckling try to make herself not boring..hahaha

*in this case,just imagine that the ugly duckling es not relly a duck,its a human..haha (a gurl act.)

wallaweyh..dis moning (not really moning pun) bgun2 je da pkol doblas..haish,what hapen dey?maybe cuz tdo lmbt sgt smlm...near 4 am tuh!!sume gara2 bce blog surg mamat nih..kinda interestest blog i've eva read.haha..abes sume post2 die,from 1st post sampai latest post aku bce..agk slumber+bengong+open+fun!! 2 yang best..yela,kat blog nila tmpat nak merapu (bak kate muaz) hehe...sori muaz coz mentioning ur name lam post y ni..pape pon,afta waking up late td,bkan trus nak g mandi..(durhhh...nana just said yu busuk coz xmandi lagi kat ym td) but now, da mandi ogeyh.hahaha..bkak facebook wat itu ini kejap..on ym,chat dgn nche esdco + ms.nana aka. my best fwen @ samura..huuuu..poor nana,how dare that sood xkenal dy..satu skola kot..cne la ko bleh satu kolej,satu kelab gan si sood..padahal dy xkenal ko pun nana...(dy kenal dak2 yang cun je...bak kate nana)hehe...dun't take it siyes tau..just a verse y dcopy dr nana..then pas chit chat gn to toilet..then,afta mandi mnada...out uf tha blu (cesss,tbe2 je nk gune ayt ni) teringat blog y da lme xupdate..poor i update u..hahahaha...ogeyh,,untill then,i'll update u later..coz dr td xstudy2 lagi..exam only near tha corner..(simpang mne xtau,hahahah)..astalabista bebeh...chowww...salam

-cik suha comel-

new song! love it dem much..hahahaha

Jason Mraz Try Try Try

Oh baby we can fight like dogs we can fight like cats
a dirty laundry needs a laundry man
maybe the king and the queen should lay off the caffeine
baby breathe before you react
sometimes we do forget to behave
and we regret what we say
cause words are too weapons
if we don't choose'em carefully
ladies and gentlemen this is instrumental
if life's to be a bed of roses
i know i gave you everything you like
because you still give me butterflies
if we just try try tryjust to be ni-ni-nice
then the world would be a better place for you and I
if we just live our livesputting our differences aside
oh that would be so beautiful to me
Are we just dangling in the middle of a galaxy
Well i'm stoked on gravity
To be stuck with you like flowers on the dew drops
Now let it in my direction
My direction is up when everybody's down
cause i don't mind being anybody's clown
I love a little lift cause i'm an optimistic
In an altruistic way
Cause basically this place is needing instruments of harmony
Spreading my philosophy of love and inspiration
Oh these words I speak I commit to like a crime
with a rhythm i deliver i'm giving them a picture
of the reasons why
We should just try try try
Just to be ni-ni-nice
So the world could be a better place for you and I
If we just live our livesPutting our differences aside
Oh that would be so beautiful to me
well it wouldn't cost a penny but could save so many lonely lives
from teary eyesif we just try try try
to open up a can of understanding open up your heart
i'm just planting seeds
cause i believe
We could just try try try
Just to be ni-ni-nice
So the world would be a better place for you and I
If we just live our lives
Putting our differences aside
Oh that would be so beautiful to me
if we could try, just to be nice
that could be so beautiful to me
I believe,Oh that could be so beautiful to me..

p/s: dis song is dedicated to my bestest fwen azila..mish you dem much!!! , my love of life suffian..mish you too dear,my roomates had + syira...mish buth uf you..hahaha..

-cik suha comell-

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

once upon a time~hehe...

these are some of tha pictures that me and ma family manage to snap! of the best fast breaking moment at singgah sana.. majlis buke pose ni dy wt utk kutipan derma utk arwah us.Asri y tlh kmbali ke rahmatullah..makan..mmg sedap.mcm2 dapat rase...hampir ksemuanye dtelan..kenyang,jgn ckpla...mase trawih,rase cm nk tkeluar je sume y makan.hehe..p seb bek x..anyway,thanx to baba coz bwk buke pose kt ctu..hehe..masyeh~
-cik suha comell-