Thursday, April 02, 2009

anxiousnessity of comp clas...haha

msnahs04's 2nd comp class..

i just got my fotostated comp text cost me rm8 you noe.huehh.(da la tga xde wet ni).

then when the techer come in, we started our class with Al-Fatihah.and the first thung she said, "who's nasuha ahmad pauzi ?".mixed with a little blurred situation i raised my hand.then she asked, give me 5 parts of information system.GOSSHHH!!!!only Allah noe how i felt just then.huehh.dah le xbace pape pon.ape lg, cuak le.huhuhuuuu.with the help of ma classmates (iwa,madi,mira..bla2..etc.)..huhuu..i got it answered.hehehe.(men tipu buley le).then she asked another question.DAMN!!!(igt da xde soklan lg da).whats the difference between software & hardware.(mne la den tawu..(T_T) )ma fwen iwa help me.AGAIN!!!.haha.(xaci betol la kan.)anyway..i got my lesson for today :

*b4 masok kelas ms azimah kne bace dlu,kalo x xdpt jawab + tgagap2 lg (malu je)

*buku kne beli awl2, kalo x susa le na study..nt cne nk jwb soklan cikgu..

that's all for now..chao..salam..