Tuesday, April 07, 2009

sleepy tuesday's morning...(0_o)

msnahs04's tuesday's monin'..
it was truly quiet..until...ding3!!!
attention 2 all the studens in mahallah bla3..bla3...
it srtruck my head with such announcement.huehh~so, i hav to wake up my self and pretending there was nothing interrupting my sleep.i couldn't sleep enough last nite.well, it turned up 2 be blackout only at block A!!!!huhh.how could it be lyke that?!sleeping accompanied by lots and lots of mosquitosz!!!plus the hotnessity of the room..huhhh.what a terrible experince.i barely can sleep,i can only sleep when the watch struck 4a.m!!!!huhuuu.but its okay, since i woke up 11a.m in the morning.mwahahaha.payback tyme ofcose.hehe.ogeyh,thats all for now.dadaaa...salam.

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